Fr. Donald McGuire

Defense Committee

A Renewal of Hope for Fr. Donald McGuire

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As you read this letter, your friend, teacher and spiritual director, Fr. Donald J. McGuire, is serving a 25- year prison sentence at a federal penitentiary in Springfield, Missouri.

Without a strong legal defense team to fight for his appeals, Fr. McGuire will likely die in prison, tormented by prisoners and guards. He receives inadequate medical care and treatment, even though he suffers from multiple life-threatening ailments.

Fr. McGuire proclaims his innocence and has refused to accept any plea bargains. The trial witnesses' testimonies were filled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies. It is evident that the witnesses perjured themselves. In the face of these grave circumstances, The Fr. McGuire Defense Committee is pleased to announce some very encouraging news:

The Seventh Circuit Court has AGREED to review an appeal brief to judge Fr. McGuire's innocence in his Chicago federal court trial and has also granted Fr. McGuire's Pro Se Motion to substitute new counsel. In addition, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has GRANTED a Petition for review on Fr. McGuire's conviction at his Wisconsin trial.

The Fr. McGuire Defense Committee strongly believes in his innocence and is convinced that Fr. McGuire will be vindicated. It is vital that Mr. Robert R. Henak, an appellate attorney, continue to argue on Fr. McGuire's behalf to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Committee also believes that this effort goes beyond the personal case of Fr. McGuire. It is clear that the consequences of these suits constitute a direct assault on the priesthood of the Catholic Church and the kind of personal relationships that are essential for priests to have with people in their ministries. Your contribution to this cause is, therefore, an action in the defense of the priesthood and its tasks.

Since we are so close to reversing this miscarriage of justice, it would be tragic if we fail and Fr. McGuire remains in prison because of a lack of funds. Fr. McGuire needs your help now! The Defense Committee needs to raise funds in order to pay for Fr. McGuire's current legal fees and expenses. We pray that you will continue your financial assistance and understand the urgency of this grave matter.